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YouTube Social Ambience Room 

A social ambience escape room during the pandemic

Picture this: You’re in the Hogwarts library. Rain falls outside, a fire crackles across the room, and somewhere off-screen, quills scribble on parchment. You might look up from time to time to see a book drifting through the air or stepladders moving around on their own. Or maybe, you’ll feel so relaxed, you nod off to sleep.

Welcome to the world of so-called ambience videos, a genre of YouTube video that pairs relaxing soundscapes with animated scenery in order to make viewers feel immersed in specific spaces, like a jazz bar in Paris or a swamp populated with thrilling wildlife. YouTube has provided this escape for users while everyone has been stuck at home, Ambience rooms are a way to transport yourself into a different world any time you want.

Each frame will be a 15-second great escape. Help users get away from the banality of social media by providing them with the most immersive ambience room experience possible on mobile. 

Senior Brand Manager (Social): Shihari Rao  
Copywriter: Claire Soong
Designer: Rachel Han