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Experiential Design
Art Direction

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Food, FMCG

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Haagen Dazs
Experiential Freezer

Your next step to an
extraordinary moments

Having a taste of premium life matters. 
Always looking to engage in new experiences to share with her circle of friends. Attracted to cool new ideas.
Social media is an everyday affair.
Likes making moments feel special
or luxury.

Target Profile:
Young (millennials) and Families
Consumer Target Profile (Lily)
Age: 20s to 30s

Brand Story 1: 
An Experience like no other. 

Every step in perfecting our flavours is driven by a passion for perfection. Every spoonful of Häagen-Dazs is an absorbing, intensely pleasurable experience, so good that you can’t help but share it with those you love. Because everyone deserves to experience a spoonful of pleasure devoted to the highest standard. 

Brand Story 2:
Everyday make extraordinary.

A sensorial tub-inspired freezer to give the audience a close-up experience of the wide array of uncompromising quality ice cream that Haagen-Dazs offers. The opening of the freezer would indulge people with the sense of luxury through the huge display of beautifully crafted ice cream flavours. Additionally, the freezer serves as a one-stop wonder, providing the audience with a full-on sensorial experience in the form of the 5 senses along with a place where they are able to escape from everyday noise and indulge in the little luxuries of the present moment. 


Selected Works

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