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Treat your mouth as your life

Dilemma of Thai Dentist
80% of Thai people are gum disease holder, but very few consumer are taking care of gum. Thai Dentists have sense of crisis on this fact, but they are struggling to motivate people to do more gum-care because many people’s priority(average income people) are still skew toward fulling basic life needs.

Experience G.U.M’s belief. ‘We has been & will be here for (Dentist & People)’
1. Position G.U.M to be strong supporter of Dentist through show-casing actual resilient journey(research, discovery, product) that brand took including humanitarian aspect of it.
2. Show G.U.M’s core belief in modern way so that Thai dentist can understand/update/intrigued more to the brand


Oral Care Innovator

G•U•M’s pioneering research developed stable formulation of CPC, a unique ingredient that fights bacteria causing
gum disease.

For Optimum G.U.M Health 

A pioneer of periodontal products in Japan since 1989. G•U•M isa brand you can trust.

30 years of G.U.M in Japan

No. 1 oral care brand in Japan through continuous research and innovation.

Bacteria Specialists

Through collaborationswith dental
and leading medical professionals, we
are constantly researchingon oral
bacterial world.

G.U.M for everyone

Delivering the best possible oral care to everyone, for any oral care need, for life.

Guardian of the Mouth

G•U•M believes inprotecting oral health under any condition. For example • On-site during disaster: Fukushima Tsunami • R&D collaboration with Shizuoka Cancer Center

Healthy Mouth = Healthy Body
G•U•M has been leading the idea that the state of oral health has a deep connection to the health of whole body.

Holistic Approach for Oral Care

A wide range of innovative oral care products for optimum oral health. • Periodontal • Implants • Orthodontics • Post-Operation • Oral Frailty • Children