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Property Brand Development 

Hillhaven is an upcoming residential condominium project located in Bukit Timah, launched by our Client, Far East Organization. 

Singapore’s dynamic and competitive real estate market necessitated a distinctive brand for Hillhaven to stand out. This impetus spurred our Client to seek out Superminted’s brand management expertise, and position Hillhaven as more than just a residential project.

• Located next to Hillview Community Club, the project boasts several USPs such as:
• Unblocked views and privacy
• Accessible location, a short walk to Hillview MRT station
• Located near to two malls (HillV2 and The Rail Mall)
• Urban farming, bikers' corner (with bike washing area) and multi-purpose pickle ball court



Our Client sought to leverage on Hillhaven’s USPs and develop a cohesive brand identity and brand narrative for the project. Viewed individually, the USPs were attractive but failed to separate Hillhaven from the pack. Repeated themes echoed by competitors included ideas of nature, luxury, and serenity. If Hillhaven wanted to stand out, it had to do something entirely different and have its own unique narrative.  

Set Apart
Our immediate challenge was finding a unique angle that was strong enough to set Hillhaven apart from its competitors. Bukit Timah was already home to a plethora of new residential projects with extremely similar brand messaging.
It was crucial that Hillhaven’s brand was flexible enough to stand out while staying on brand as a Far East Organisation residential project.

Advocating Paradigm Shifts 
Our Client, however, was not comfortable with taking risks. They were an established brand with a storied history in Singapore, leveraging the status quo of the real estate industry to their advantage. It took a significant amount of discussions before our Agency convinced them to take on our recommendations. 

Crafting a Flexible Logo
For property branding projects, the logo is everything. It is omnipresent and used in multiple sizes. We ensure the symbol was fluid and scalable, accounting for multiple elements when designing the logo. For example, it had to be visible from afar but not too bold that it would blend when printed.


Vibrant Living

Conveniently located near 2 Integrated Transport Hubs – Beauty World and Bukit Panjang, Hillhaven seamlessly weaves the comfort of urban living with thoughtful experiential design and careful curation of facilities

Offering 2- to 4-bedroom residences, Hillhaven provides private, spacious living spaces with selected units featuring unobstructed views of Bukit Batok Nature Park and the private enclave of Hillview estate.

Situated amidst landscapes like the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and Dairy Farm Nature Park, embrace nature’s beauty everyday. With vibrant lifestyle opportunities like the new and upcoming NS Hub and Hillview CC nearby, Hillhaven is the ideal base to embark on new adventures – a place to indulge in life’s offerings.

"Where vibrant living flourishes,
experience the gift of new wonders
meaningful memories."


The logo’s origins began with the idea of intertwining nature with man made structures. To achieve this, we juxtaposed vertical lines of towering buildings alongside the branching lines of veins found in leaves. 

Integrating the “double H” that constitutes the initials of the residential project, Superminted designers arrived at the final logo, as seen on the right. Alongside that, we crafted different logo lockups to ensure flexibility across different platforms and mediums.

Similarly, Hillhaven’s Mandarin logo encapsulates its close proximity to nature and loosely translates to “A beautiful green garden at the peak".


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