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SMU Global Innovation Branding

The Global Innovation Immersion (GII)
is a 3-month overseas summer internship to shape entrepreneurial-minded, and open-mindedness, and enjoy working in a fast-paced start-up environment. 

Challenges & Opportunities: 
As universities, today strive to provide richer experiences for their students; break new ground in research and play a more impactful role in society, the ability to raise funds and unlock capital becomes critical. The main goal was to have a successful launch and completion of protege venture campaign for Singapore Management University (SMU), to increase current donor support and secure new sources of funding.

This campaign aims to
•  Attract potential talents through a rigorous venture capital experience
•  Foster partnerships and gather potential investors/donors to invest in the fund as well as employers
•  Create opportunities for students to explore new pathways for development and discover the full extent of their capabilities. 

In collaboration with the SMU Team, we designed an identity for a digital & analog space that reflects the participants’ bold spirit, celebrating the openness and readiness for collaborations. GII represents the first taste of ‘entrepreneurship’ for many, the perfect platform to let for self-expression thrive without thriving experiences. The GII logo is inspired by a variety of ideas coming together, with overlapping conditions forming into an intersection that allows unlimited imagination. As well as championing the audience, we built an adaptive system that can adapt to the university’s ‘identity.


Selected Works

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